About Ayqan for Law & Legal Consultation

Ayqan Law Firm and Legal Consultations is a company specialized in the legal profession and providing legal consultations. Its founders are distinguished by comprehensive professional knowledge based on a commitment to providing the best legal solutions, as an extension of more than 15 years of legal experience, through a team specialized in various legal fields, headed by the founder and director, lawyer and legal advisor Sanaa bint Hamid Al-Thubaiti. Ayqan also seeks to achieve its mission according to an innovative vision and specific goals characterized by effectiveness and rapid performance to understand the requirements and needs of its customers. It includes a distinguished elite of lawyers, legal and Sharia consultants, notaries, and specialized administrators who are academically and professionally qualified, with extensive experience in the field of law and legal consultations, to improve the quality of the work provided by it to all public and private entities and individuals, and to enable its clients to access legal solutions as quickly as possible.


For our company to be a professionally accredited legal reference in providing legal services to all its clients through sustainable growth to protect their interests and achieve legal protection for them with professionalism, innovation and excellence.


To reach legal leadership in accordance with national and international standards in the legal profession and to become a distinguished partner among our clients.


Honesty – Privacy and Confidentiality – Transparency – Quality and Professionalism – Effeciency

Our Logo

  • Ayqan: It means certainty, honesty, knowledge, achieving the matter, and being certain of it.

  • Symbol of the pen: It means knowledge and writing, and it is the one with which God wrote the Remembrance (Quraan), the Almighty said: “He who taught by the pen.”

  • The symbol of columns: It is taken from the scale that rested on a column so that its two sides were parallel. They are also the supports on which something rests and is upright.

Our Features

Continuous Innovation & Development

Coverage of cases in the cities of the Kingdom

Various Annual Contracts

Flexibility in Fees & Charges