About Ayqan for Law & Legal Consultation

Ayqan for Law and Legal Consultations, a company specialized in the legal profession and providing legal advice. Its founders are distinguished by the comprehensive knowledge and know-how to offer the best legal solutions, as an extension of the extensive legal experience through a team specialized in various legal fields to achieve its lofty mission according to an innovative vision and specific goals.

Workflow Steps

First Step

Meeting with the client and receiving the consultation or case file.

Second steps

Referring it to the competent lawyer for study and legal adaptation.

Third Step

Sending the legal opinion to the client and discussing it.

Fourth Step

Initiating procedures supported by periodic reports.

Services For Various Sectors

Companies & Institutions

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Educational Sector

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Years of Experience & Ongoing Success


Judicial Sessions


Public & Administrative Issues


Cases of Quasi-Judicial Committees


Successful Cases

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