The Ministry of Justice works to promote preventive justice, believing that it is one of the most important stages of justice, as it prevents the emergence of disputes and delivers the right to those who deserve it.

His Excellency the Minister of Justice, Dr. Walid bin Muhammad Al-Samaani, affirmed that the Ministry pays great attention to preventive justice, as it is keen to achieve justice before the conflict occurs, and without the need to resort to the judiciary, which shortens the time and effort for litigants, and contributes to reducing the flow of cases to the courts.

His Excellency the Minister of Justice indicated that the Ministry has taken a set of measures that enhance preventive justice, including considering the unified lease contract as an executive document, in addition to the implementation courts receiving car lease contracts, as executive documents to which the provisions of documented contracts apply in terms of evidence and implementation – in coordination with the Ministry of Justice. The relevant authorities -.

As part of the ministry’s efforts to develop effective justice mechanisms, His Excellency the Minister of Justice, Dr. Walid Al-Sama’ani, issued a decision to form a supervisory committee on the “Preventive Justice” initiative, headed by him and with the membership of His Excellency the Deputy Minister and a number of ministry officials.

The committee is responsible for reviewing the strategies and general policies related to the initiative, and following up on the achievement of the strategic objectives and related indicators.