The Ministry of Justice revealed that more than 340,000 notarial transactions were conducted through the notary service, during the past year 2022.

The ministry stated that the list of services varied between real estate discharges, mortgages, agency documentation, real estate deeds correction, financial statements, agency dissolution, and company contracts documentation.

The notary service aims to make it easier for individuals and establishments to benefit from notary services at any time and anywhere, with high quality and a short time, as it provides many notarial services.

The beneficiary can request the authentication service through the application of the notary service available on smart devices through the Apple and Google Play stores, or by visiting the website:

The notary service is one of the most prominent services of the Ministry of Justice that it assigned to the private sector with the aim of facilitating the procedures of documentation operations for beneficiaries, in line with the Kingdom’s 2030 vision of digital transformation, as the number of notaries, men and women who have been licensed, reached 2,200 notaries distributed throughout the Kingdom, and this comes within the initiatives of the Ministry of Justice in partnership With the technical partner, a trust company.